subscription comparison
erWin Online

You can choose from different subscriptions with varying ranges of functions.

Info medium subscription for maintenance and repair information subscription for Offboard Diagnostic Information System service
vehicle identification by means of make, model and year X -
repair manuals X X1
maintenance charts X -
wiring diagrams X X1
body repair information X -
OBD II documents X -
campaign and recall information X -
technical bulletins X X1
vehicle diagnostics - X
vehicle data X X1
self study programs / videos X -
model-specific repair guides as PDF X -
GeKo / SVM - X1
start of the subscription with purchase at the start of the diagnostic session
end of the subscription once purchased time has expired2 once purchased time has expired3
purchase subscription purchase subscription

1: In the diagnostic software during an active diagnostic session

2: An interruption of the flat rate is not possible

3: An interruption of the flat rate is not possible. This session can end when the current term of the flat rate finishes during a diagnostic session.


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